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The Snub

It is difficult for me to believe that the media have made so much of the “great snub” by Obama of Hillary at the State of the Union address. Fox News has used a body language analyst (not their regular one) who sees the snub, I’m not sure what other media have done, but I assume they have done something similar.

 I am not an expert in body language, but I do have eyes that can look at a photo. We see Obama facing a quarter to the camera’s right, his back three quarters to Hillary. We see Teddy Kennedy facing away from the camera, and a bit to his left (and the camera’s left). We see Hillary reaching her handshake directly toward the center of the frame, but her head is turned a bit to her right (camera and TK left), and her eyes turned sharply to her right.

 I don’t need a course in body language to see that she has reached out her hand in the direction of TK and that both have been distracted to someone off camera, left. For Obama to have turned away from her hand in a snub he would have to had the reaction time of a cobra, and a turntable to spin on in order to get his back to her in that crowded scene.

 A non-event, created by a single still photo. I hold no brief for either Hillary or Obama, I am a Republican. But I find no joy in this sniping by the media (and perhaps supported a bit by Hillary’s non-statement in a later interview). Perhaps Hillary and Obama are at personal loggerheads (as my candidates, McCain and Romney seem to be), but that still photo didn’t show that. It is is my interest, as a Republican, that there be dissention in the Democratic party – but this was both silly and unfair to Obama.

 Look at that still, it will be shown over and over again, everyone is looking in a different direction.