The Koran, and the holy word

The statement has been made, in the wake of the recent violence, that as the Q’ran is the direct word of God (in contrast to the Jewish and Christian Bible, which were written by men over time) that it is therefore a greater offense to burn the Q’ran than to burn a Bible.

There are orthodox Jews and fundamentalist Christians who consider the books of the Torah (and for the Christians also the New Testament) to be the word of God. There are others who see the books as a history, one inspired by the word of God – but not totally the direct word of God, as the words were transcribed by men over time.

Muhammed either wrote or transcribed the word of God over a brief period, brief when contrasted with the centuries that it took for the Old and New Testaments. It is not my place to judge whether Muhammed was putting the word of God into writing, or whether he was writing his interpretation of the word of God.

But it is disturbing that so many accept that Muhammed’s writing is a direct transcription of the word of God, while most accept the metaphor, history, and dicta of the Bible/Torah. If the base assumption of Islam is that the Q’ran is the direct word of God then why is our society so dismissive of the orthodox Jews and fundamentalist Christians who see the Bible as the same. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, unless one has an agenda.

Personally I’m atheist – not an Atheist, Atheism is in itself a religion as the denial of the possibility of a god is as much a matter of faith as the affirmation of the certainty of a god. From the Greek, I am without god (atheist) – and that because I’m without knowledge (agnostic). But being of an age I’d be quite pleased to find that there is one, and that I’ll live an eternal life.

Hitchins, Dawkins, and others, are religious. They have a faith in the lack of a god, and they believe they have the knowledge to say that. Religeon is a faith in the unprovable, whether it be the presence or the absence of the diety.

Bringing back the circle to the beginning. The apologists for the violence following the burning of the Q’ran by the fool are falling into the trap of acceptance of a militant religion – the Q’ran is the true word of God only to those who take it so. It can also be the metaphorical word, as the Bible/Torah are taken by most, and it is about time that the Muslim community stood up and took a stand on that

If there is a God I doubt that the creator of the universe would sweat the details of beards, kosher food, or the day of worship. Such an omnipotent being would have a pride in the development of His creations – as long as they respected his other creations.

Best, Jon

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