Obama after Wisconsin

Barack Obama made a 45 minute campaign speech in Texas after his victory in Wisconsin. His theme is change, but his speech was themed on a return to failed policies of the past. I heard Woodrow Wilson, I heard FDR, I heard George McGovern, I heard every union organizer of the twenties and thirties.

 If Obama is the Democratic party’s candidate for the general election that speech will come back to haunt him, McCain’s speech on change in the right direction is a better direction. McCain (full disclosure, he has been my “man” for years) has a problem in presentation, and how much of that is due to injuries in his captivity is not clear (broken jaw and shoulders).

 Until that speech tonight by Obama I was rooting for him over Ms. Clinton because I thought that if my man lost the general election he would be a better President than she (a tabula rasa who would learn in office, a fox versus her badger). That one speech has changed my opinion – this man is committed to policies that might have been valid seventy years ago, but are not now. This is not the empty suit I thought of him as, this is a committed leftist who would “kill the goose that lays the golden eggs”, i.e., our free market economy that, although flawed in many ways, is an engine of productivity – and in being that is also a fount of help for the weakest of the world.

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