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This is the home page of the web site I have had this domain name for 12 years with the intent of setting up a site of general opinions in combination with a personal (ego) site. It has been “under construction” for all those years.

I have turned up my nose at blogs as sort of a glorified chat room, but my host server has installed Word Press on my site – and I see that it is flexible enough to allow me to have a traditional site (CMS) where my friends and family may visit as well as a blog for public consumption and comment. Please bear with me as I develop this site, your comments on the “blog side” may not be accepted until I learn how to manage this thing.

 I am Jonathan W. Murphy, my opinions are based on over 70 years of eclectic interests and study. In my retirement my work is mainly in woodworking, stringed instrument making (and playing) and a continuing study of the sciences and politics. My effort on the opinion side will be to separate provable fact from “consensus fact”, then apply my opinion to the latter.

 This will be re-edited a hundred times until I get it right.

 Best, Jon

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