In God We Trust

I just heard on TV that the Congress had a vote to confirm our national motto of “in God we trust”, the vote had nine nays, one of which was a Republican. I am atheist, not an Atheist. I note that on our currency it is “IN GOD WE TRUST”. The all caps removes the “name of god” from the motto. God is a concept, not a name. One of the conflicts among the major religions comes from the naming of a god, be he Allah or Jaweh or just God.

The mistake of the advocates of a particular religion is that their god is the God. The mistake of the Atheist is that there is no god as an absolute dictum. The science of particle physics, and the postulates on the nature and origin of our universe (and possibly others) neither confirms nor denies the existence of some form of god, be it an eternal “force” or an anthropomorphic being. Unfortunately we will each find out some day, and I say unfortunately as I am 76 and getting closer. But actually we won’t find out even then, if the “higher power” doesn’t include the extension of our souls in a new life that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a higher power.

In the meantime I’m quite comfortable with “in god we trust” on our coinage, each can interpret the meaning of god in their own way. Some may give it a capital letter, as in a name – others may leave it lower case, as in an undefined existence. Those like me might think of it as a trust in the values of man that evolved as man became a social animal – I find those values “god-like”, the Ten Commandments may have come from God, or may be the product of man’s evolution. Either way they are pretty good rules, including the first two that relate to God – as they can be taken as relating to god as a value.

I do rather hope that I’m wrong as atheist, I’m atheist as I’m without knowledge (agnostic, in the Greek). But I know that the Atheists are wrong, they have a religion based on a faith in the absence of a god. None of us can know until the time comes, we can only act on faith. I have no faith, but I do have hope. I lead my life in accordance to the Ten Commandments, not as commandments but as good rules for mankind. When I go I’ll go with the knowledge that I have done my best to obey the rules that mankind evolved for survival of the species – and should I meet St. Peter at the end of that tunnel of light I’ll be comfortable that I’ve passed the test (and also overjoyed at the prospect of eternity as a bonus).


Best, Jon


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