Barack Hussein Obama, a Jew?

I am a conservative Republican and not a supporter of Senator Obama – but that as a matter of the issues. I am a bit tired of web sites and commentators using his middle name, Hussein, to imply that he is (or was) a Muslim. I’ll make the case that he is actually a Jew as his first name is from the Old Testament (Judges 4,5). Or should I put more weight on his Kenyan family name of Obama?

 Obviously this “name game” is silly. I take myself as an example (Jonathan Wyman Murphy). Jonathan is an Old Testament name (and I was once asked by a jewish gentleman why I had a jewish name), Wyman is English – and Murphy is Irish. For the latter name I’m often assumed to be Roman Catholic in background, but the last Irishman in family came “off the boat” in Canada in the early 19th century. I was named after Jonathan Wyman Wright, a descendant of Wymans and Wrights who came to the Boston area around 1640. They fought in the Colonial Wars (French and Indian being one), and in the Revolutionary War. Their only problem was that they chose the wrong side in that conflict between George III and the colonials – and they found it expedient to move north to Canada ahead of the tar and feathers (not all Wymans and Wrights, just my particular branch).

 So if you go by my names I am a Roman Catholic Royalist Jew, and by the same token Obama is a jewish Muslim Kenyan. I have perfectly adequate reasons for voting Republican, and for voting against Senator Obama, without impugning his patriotism or suggesting a hidden agenda.

Senator Obama espouses a philosophy that is legitimate (in that it is held by many), but that I believe is wrong. He is apparently a confirmed believer in the Liberal view that government is good and capitalism is bad (I may be overstating this, but allow me the indulgence). His opponent, my candidate Senator McCain, also has some of those characteristics – but I believe his basic philosophy is closer to my own. These are the choices each voter has to make, and should make independently of the “hype”, but matters of one’s name are totally irrelevant (and smack of having no better argument than name calling).

 Best, Jon